Venture Capital

ESW is aggressively seeking diverse avenues of growth through acquisitions and investments. We invite suitable companies to submit their business plans to us for due diligence, and we look forward to closely working and sustainably partnering with our VC investments to produce long-term successful outcomes, where collective synergy is emphasised.


Why ESW?

·        ESW can provide a solid capital base for future long-term growth that is sustainable.

·        ESW shares the risks and rewards. We are rewarded by sustainable business success and capital gains, and believe in sharing them collectively.

·        ESW is able to provide in-depth strategic, operational and financial advice to the company based on past experience with other companies in similar situations. On top of this, ESW holds great experience in being able to tailor its support to suit the particular needs of each company.

·        ESW holds a vast network of contacts in many areas that can add value to the company, such as in recruiting key personnel, providing contacts in international markets, supported introductions to strategic partners and, if needed, co-investments with other venture capital firms when additional rounds of financing are required.

ESW has sustainably engaged with synergies across its investments to create many opportunities. For example, EasyClean Laundromat, situated on the Sentosa Island, has an affluent customer catchment area. This has created abundant opportunities to cross-sell the French Cellar subscriptions to new customers, where the general demographics often indulge in fine wine. Our director Jackie Lee has also joined the board of directors at The French Cellar, to share his entrepreneurship skills and vision, and to help drive sustainable growth at The French Cellar. This is one example of collective synergy that has enabled ESW and its investment partners to grow at a dynamic and sustained pace.



Investment Process

The investment process begins with an initial review of the proposal to determine if it fits with the firm's investment criteria. If so, a meeting will be arranged with the entrepreneur/management team to discuss the business plan.


Preliminary Screening

The initial meeting provides an opportunity for ESW to meet the entrepreneur and key members of the management team to review the business plan and conduct initial due diligence on the project. This is an important time for the management team to demonstrate their understanding of their business, as well as their long-term ability to achieve the diversified strategies outlined in the overall plan. We will assess the team's skills and backgrounds utilizing a methodical and thorough approach.


Negotiating Investment

ESW will vigorously study the viability of the market to estimate its potential, both in the short and long term timeframes. We will examine the industry carefully to obtain information about competitors, entry barriers, potential to exploit substantial niches, product life cycles, distribution channels and its possible export potential, just to name some indicators. The due diligence continues with reports from accountants and other consultants, in order to engage in a meticulous and comprehensive assessment.


Approvals and Investment Completed

The process involves exhaustive due diligence and disclosure of all the relevant business information. Final terms can then be negotiated and a comprehensive investment proposal submitted to the board of directors. If approved, legal documents are prepared, along with all the other necessary documentation. A shareholders' agreement is prepared containing the rights and obligations of each party. The investment process can take up to three months, and sometimes longer. However, ESW is nimble and flexible enough to cater to a different range of time periods, where appropriate.


The Business Plan

The business plan must convince ESW that the company and management team properly possesses the ability to achieve the goals of the company within the specified timeframe. The business plan should clearly explain the nature of the company's business, what it wants to achieve and how it is specifically going to do it. The company's management should prepare the plan professionally and should set challenging but achievable goals. ESW is always on the lookout for committed and skilful business partners who can demonstrate their ability to collaborate and synergize in the long-term.


Please email your business proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.