Beyond 2013 Chongqing (Press Release)

Eric Sng :  I see Chongqing as a window connecting the world in the future.












11th November 2013, Chongqing - This is my first trip to Chongqing. However, I am already considering investing here in the future. The reason is simple – Chongqing is a young and dynamic city that offers so many opportunities. I used to work in a Singapore bank with a stable job. However, I wanted to further develop my career, therefore, I made the decision to leave the bank three years ago and founded ESW Manage Pte Ltd with two partners. Chongqing has impressed me with its energy and ambitiousness, which undoubtedly match with my entrepreneurial passion perfectly.

ESW Manage Ptd Ltd  is a private equity firm and real estate is one of our main investment focuses. The main purpose of my trip to Chongqing this time is to investigate real estate projects. Even though this is my first visit to Chongqing, I could not help but noticed from the moment I stepped off the plane, that the city has very unique urban planning.  As a mountainous city with complex terrains, Chongqing has developed a variety of real estate projects that blend so well into their surroundings. Even though the economic development of Chongqing still lags behind more developed cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the city has a population of thirty-two million, which should not be overlooked. In particular, with the advancement of urbanization, the large population will drive a more robust rigid demand for local real estate development. And the new policy that divides the city into five functional districts has set forth a clearer direction for Chongqing’s structural planning, which is a boost to ESW in planning its future investments.

As of today, ESW has total existing assets worth US$50 million and has branch offices in Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia. The company also has relationships with more than ten banks and has so far invested in more than ten projects. The company has been specializing in industries such as IT solutions, financials and real estate development.  We are also highly experienced in providing professional services in helping clients with their IPO endeavors.

In the near future, ESW will start developing its business in the China market. As the only municipality in the west and with its ambition to become the financial center in the upper Yangtze River region, Chongqing will undoubtedly be the focus of our business development. I believe Chongqing is bound to become a window that connects with the world in the future.

Currently, we are looking for opportunities in government projects and in the meantime considering taking part in local high tech IT projects as well. We are also interested in cooperating with state-owned enterprises in Chongqing in helping them with their IPOs on the premises of sound judgment and planning.

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