Chief Trader
Goh Han Choon Steve holds more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry, and another 8 years as a seasoned private investor. His wealth of experience includes trading in the treasury department of banks, corporate advisory in a private bank, as well as fund management with an equities boutique fund. He is abundantly competent in various financial instruments including currencies, commodities, futures and equities. He helps the company to identify macro trends and investment opportunities, ensuring sustainable growth by leveraging on these key scenarios. 

Chief Trader

Wong Hong Eng is a Forex Trader with over 20 years of trading experience with various reputable banks, on top of 2 years of independent trading. Throughout his successful career, Mr Wong holds great experience in managing instruments of fixed income, proprietary desks, risk management and settlements. Mr Wong also has a proven track record in identifying and capitalizing investment opportunities, whereby he provides key guidance to the trading room in terms of identifying macro trends, potential risk events, and chart analysis.


Chief Trader

Prior to joining ESW Manage Pte Ltd on 1st June 2017,Mr. Song Hock Seong, Melvyn, served as an Executive Director of G.K. GOH Financial Services (S) Pte. Ltd. Since April 5, 2005. Mr. Song joined Gk Goh Holdings Ltd. in July 1999 and was responsible for all dealing activities and was primarily focused on developing the foreign exchange and leverage foreign exchange trading and futures brokerage businesses for the Group. He was previously an Assistant Vice President in UOB, where he was the Floor Manager for UOB’s derivative arm UOB Bullion and Futures Pte Ltd. He was responsible for developing UOB’s Futures and Foreign Exchange margin trading business. He has been in the industry for more than twenty years having been engaged in the business since SIMEX commenced operations in 1984. He holds a Diploma in Management Studies from the Singapore Institute of Management and a Diploma in Banking and Finance from the Institute of Banking and Finance.


Business Manager

Lee Hou Keat has more than 16 years of the experience in Information Technology and Financial industry. He has led several financial technology projects for various banks and brokers, consistently achieving successful outcomes. Hou Keat is especially well-versed in electronic trading connectivity, solutions and technologies. He manages core business relationships with various trading partners and trade processing aspects of the company, ensuring that the overall trading processes are running smoothly and efficiently.


IT/Risk Manager

Lennard Cher is a key member of the ESW Group of Companies (“ESW Group”). In his dual roles as Risk Manager and Head of New Ventures, Lennard leverages on his more than 10 years of diverse experience in both the IT and Finance sectors. Apart from managing the Trading and Liquidity Risks of the ESW Group to ensure that all specific risks receive appropriate oversight and undergo meticulous management, Lennard is also charged with developing new off-shoots in his key role as Head of New Ventures. In addition, Lennard is also responsible for the direction of the in-house treasury management system and other critical systems at the ESW Group, where he works in close tandem with the rest of the professional team.