ESW Manage, 中青集团, is a private equity firm headquartered in Singapore. We focus on investment opportunities in Asia, although we are also a robust part of different global networks. Since ESW’s inception in 2011, the company has been specialising in remodeling traditional businesses to increase business profitability and grow sustainably. Capitalising on our extensive partners, resources and networks, ESW specialises in expanding the businesses of selected ventures across various industries such as financials, real estate development, and IT solutions.

We are driven by the core fundamental values that has always defined our firm: integrity, excellence, collective success, so as to create long-term value for all of our shareholders, employees, and clients.

ESW Manage is led by a balanced team of professionals responsible for the management of the firm, while overseeing long-term strategic direction. The directors were appointed due to their wealth of experience across equity research, general management, business advisory, accounting, and investment banking. Their experiences have been further garnered from senior management levels and ownership positions, in various industries including investment banking, logistics, and property development.

ESW Manage is audited by RSM Chio Lim, a leading public accounting entity offering assurance in Singapore. RSM Chio Lim's audit plan assures that ESW Manage's financial statements are held to the highest standards and presented fairly in accordance with applicable accounting as well as statutory requirements.